Summer’s End

Summer is nearly over, though from the relentless heat one would think it was here to stay. The Cicadas are wiser.  Their song has already begun to grow slower and fade.  Soon they will be quieted for yet, another, year.

In our house, backpacks are once again being packed daily, water bottles and lunches being made.  A few mornings, a light sweater has even been comfortable.  Summer is definitely ending.

Unlike the US, where kids are starting a new school year, ours are continuing the current year.  Julia is still in first grade, Josiah still in sixth grade and Josie still a first year high school student. They are in the same classrooms, with the same teachers and same classmates and friends.

But it has been a good summer, a full summer.  The kids and I were blessed to be able to make a trip to the US.  We were able to see my family, have time to catch up.  In the two years we have been in Japan, the kids have grown tall.  It was good for them to see my parents.  We had fun eating lots of American food, shopping and visiting family and friends.  We did lots of things.




Josiah got to operate a tractor! By himself!

Josie had an added blessing to fly to KC for a couple days and stay with her best friends.  Did someone say GIRL TIME!!!!  Oh, yes…







And don’t forget Julia. She had fun, too.

But summer break has finished and the last lingering days of summer are upon us. Today, I noticed the first leaves changing color.  We embrace these changes with open arms.  Already we are making plans for the next seasons.  We have a group of missionary friends from KC visiting us in October.  These five women will be staying with us for a couple of days.  Another friend from Iwaki will also be coming to visit.  Josie has already made plans to invite a friend from her class to our house for Christmas tree decorating and cookie making.  I’m in the early planning stage to invite my English class women to our house for a Christmas party.

So, with the changes of seasons comes new plans and new opportunities to love our neighbours and be lights in our neighborhood.

Our continued prayer is that we will be able to share Jesus with them, through the Word, through conversation, through fellowship, and through the simplicity of living our daily lives as a family.

How thankful we are that the Father has called us to Japan.  What a blessing to share Jesus with our neighbours, who don’t know Him, yet.

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV




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