Monthly Archives: March 2018

A Fresh Start

After living and serving in Japan for three years, Akira and I have decided to withdraw from our missions organisation, All Nations. This doesn’t mean that we will stop sharing Jesus with the people of Japan, it just means that we will be doing it a little differently. We are withdrawing in order to become freelance (independent) missionaries. We believe this is the best choice for us to be able to root deeper and live more fully in Japan, while continuing to develop our relationships here.

Becoming “freelance” means that we will no longer be able to provide any supporters with an end of the year tax receipt. So, as we make this transition, we are NOT asking our supporters to financially support us, but to support us in prayer and friendship.  It’s a huge step of faith.

As we take these first steps, our goal is to gradually shift over from receiving donation support to earning a living here in Japan (tent-making).

Please pray for this transition and God’s financial provision in other ways.  All Nations will continue to receive donations for us until the end of June.


Josiah’s Graduation

We are pleased to announce Josiah’s graduation from elementary school.

Can you believe it?  Less that three years ago he walked into a 4th grade Japanese classroom, speaking almost no Japanese and now he is completely bilingual.  Truly amazing how quickly the young can learn.  (We are so proud.)

In two weeks he will be starting Jr.High, facing new challenges, making new goals.  He is both excited and a little frightened.  Please pray for his transition.

Julia finished 1st grade and is happily ready for 2nd.

Josie completed her first year of High School. (two more to go)

As a family we continue to thrive in the Father.

Thank you for all your prayers.