Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Darkness of Christmas

This Christmas, we are painfully aware of the absence of Jesus in Japan.

Winter everywhere is cold and dark and long.  In the US, we can all look forward to the brightness that surrounds Christmas and the light and joy it brings to the long winter. Can you imagine a winter season without Christmas?  In Japan, that winter darkness just stays dark.

Akira and I continue to walk our neighbourhood praying for Jesus to come.  As we walk, we are often weighed down with the spiritual darkness.  So few people in Japan know Jesus.  And the physical darkness is a constant reminder of that fact.

Most houses are dark.  People don’t turn on outside lights and the inside lights are blocked by shutters so they are not seen from the outside either.   Houses are dark and quiet.  Streets are dark and quiet.

This year we have been praying for light…both spiritual and physical, seen and unseen.  We put up a simple string of Christmas lights on our house to celebrate Jesus, the light of the season.  We are also praying to be “lights” wherever we go…Josiah in his school,  Josie in hers…even little julia who is now in preschool.  I have two English classes I teach privately.  I am praying to be a light to this group of women neighbours who I am getting to know.

Please pray with us as we invite Jesus to fill Japan with His light this Christmas.