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Nihongo Study

geralt / Pixabay

The wonderful adventure of language learning begins.

にほんごの べんきょうを しています。 Nihongo no benkyou wo shiteimasu.  Yay!  I am finally studying Japanese!

むずかしいです。 Muzukashi desu.  It is difficult.

でも、たのしいです。Demo, tanoshidesu.  But, it is fun!

I am now enrolled in a Japanese Kumon class.  I attend twice a week and have homework for between classes.  My homework includes listening to cd’s, reading aloud and doing worksheets to practice reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.

Please pray for me as I study, to learn the language and be able to read, write and communicate well.  I am currently at a first grade level and still have a long way to go before I am competent.  But, He is faithful and helps me in all things, even learning Japanese.  So I am glad.

He tells me,  “がんばれ!ganbare!  Keep going. Don’t give up!”