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Reaching Out

“And who is my neighbour?

Just a a few weeks ago we were making our house into a home.  Now we find ourselves in the midst of summer heat and humidity, and summer holidays for the kids.  Josiah finished two weeks at his public elementary and Josie finished her “trial” week at the public Jr. High. After her week there, she made the decision to attend the school.  IMG_0140What a surprise!  We all really thought she would be homeschooled but the Father opened one more door and after going through, we all agreed it was the best for Josie.  She is excited to make friends and for the challenges in improving her Japanese.  Both will return to their schools at the end of August.

Last Friday, we attended the Omatsuri, a local summer festival.  It was a lot of fun with traditional Japanese dance and music, delicious food, and colourful paper lanterns.  And it was hot!  IMG_0173Josie went with a friend from her class at school and had a great time.  The rest of us went together.  While we were there, Josiah saw one of the boys from his class and Akira ran into Josiah’s  teacher.  Little by little, we are beginning to learn the names and faces of our “neighbours.”

Meanwhile, we are staying firmly rooted in the Father, resting in Him as a family.  We are praying for more opportunities to meet our “neighbours” and to make friends. Pray with us that He would open more doors.


What happened here (so far…)

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are in Japan!  We have already been here for one month, and I have had lots of Japanese foods like ramen, soba, udon, and katsu bento and it was so good!  I especially liked the ramen, and Papa and I found a really good ramen shop. Mmmmmmmmmm…..

Ever since we got here, and especially the first two weeks we were here, we have been cleaning…UGH!!!!!  We are living at my grandparent’s second house, the one they aren’t living in, and it has been used mostly for storage.  My mother can’t stand messy houses with lots of stuff so she has been cleaning a lot.  Personally, I feel at home in messy houses (*^o^*).

Besides just getting moved in, from the second day were were here,  we have been thinking of schooling.  UGH!!!  But, for some reason, it has been VERY hard to find one for me.  For many weeks, we have been looking at and visiting many schools. It has been confusing and maybe a little stressful, because doors would creak open, and then some would just slam shut, and others would slowly open up, and then close back on us again! Even one of slammed doors opened up again!  But we are towards the end, and the one door that is still swung open is home schooling..and going to Kumon twice a week.  I am glad that’s over with.

Here’s something happier to read; If you know my family, then you will know that we have had a few rabbits in the past and we have really enjoyed having them. During all of our travels, Papa and Mama have promised us (Josiah, Julia and I) that we would get a pet (a REAL one) once we REALLY settled down. We have been taking about it, and a rabbit seems like a good choice because the yards are small here, and one rabbit does not need a huge space. After talking a bit, Papa and Mama said that if we are going to stay here for a while, we will get a rabbit (hallelujah!), but we will get the cheapest one (dang it!).

One day, Papa had just come back from his walks, and he said he found a hardware-like store that had pet store in it, and in the pet store were a few rabbits.   A few days later, we went there to see the three rabbits.  The cheapest one was about sixty dollars.  It is still a baby, and it is reddish brown, white, and I think black, but it could have been dark brown. The sign said that it was very shy, and will probably grow to be about three quarters of a foot long or maybe a little bit smaller.  We aren’t sure yet, but if we are going to stay here for a long while, then maybe, just maybe, we could get the rabbit on Julia’s birthday…

  And that’s all the time we have for today! Remember, God made you special, and he loves you very much! G’bye!


We Are Home

IMG_0083     Since we arrived in Japan, exactly one month ago on June 3rd, we have slowly settled in.  Our first few weeks were filled with cleaning and sorting our house and unpacking .

We are living in Akira’s parents’ first home in Yokohama, Japan, where Akira lived until he was six when the family moved into a larger home in Tokyo.  It is an older, small Japanese home in traditional Japanese style.  Since his parents moved, the house has become a place to store treasures or things that are no longer used but cannot be parted with.  Many of the things are useful to us: furniture, dishes, bedding, and other daily items, but many are not.  We have been sorting and cleaning out the old to make room for our own treasures and we are finally getting to where everything has a place and we are not tripping over half full, half sorted boxes.  And as things have been put in their places, one by one, each of us have found our own special corner to pray or play or read or journal or simply be alone.  Each of us has found a place to be at rest and a place to be “home.”IMG_0082

The house has a “genkan” or entrance where you take off your shoes before entering.  The sleeping rooms are “tatami” or woven grass floors and we sleep on a “futon” which we fold up each day.  The tatami is very nice.  It stays cool for summer sleeping and is a comfortable place for the kids to sit on the floor and play.  The tatami rooms also have “shoji” or paper screens which let in a beautiful filtered light. IMG_0080


The living room is comfortable, stocked with many books, both Japanese, which were already here, and English, which we brought.  The kids are especially happy because there is a large assortment of Japanese Manga, or comics, which they really enjoy reading.  On the wall is one my favorite things “stored” in the house, a drawing of Josie when she was a year old by Akira’s mom.   IMG_0098

As we have moved in and found our special places, we have also invited the Father to be with and reside with us.  We share family prayer/devotions morning and evening.  On Sundays, we rest in Him, practicing His Presence, sharing our challenges and concerns, and our thanks with each other.  We are enjoying this first taste of a “home” church and dreaming of the others He has prepared to share it with us.  In the stillness we hear the whisper of the Father, “welcome home.”